The Castle of Santa Florentina has been, and is, a very recurrent location for a multitude of filming, both of television series such as "Game of Thrones", "César" or "Legend of the Blue Sea"..., of documentaries such as "Jo, Ramon Llull" or of television spots such as "Smart Fortwo 2014 Visionaries"

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The Castle of Santa Florentina is a very special place, surrounded by greenery, and it seems that George R. Martin described it in his hit series "A Song of Ice and Fire".No wonder the castle was chosen as one of the filming locations for the most popular TV series, "Game of Thrones".With the fantastic decorations of Rebecca Benson, the Castle became the abode of the Tarly family, Horn Hill.Directors, producers and actors of the stature of David Benioff, Jack Bender (executive producer and director of series such as "Lost" and "The Sopranos"), Samantha Spiro, James Faulkner and John Bradley paraded through its spectacular halls.Perhaps you would like to emulate your favorite actors and passages, recreating scenes in which you would be the protagonists of your photo shoots or your own wedding...


The Castle of Santa Florentina, was the setting of Game of Thrones in the sixth season, chapter six, “Blood of my Blood”, located as Horn Hill. Click here

House Tarly is a noble house of the Dominion and vassal of House Tyrell. Their settlement is Horn Hill and their lands are located in the hills under the Red Mountains of Dorne. Its emblem is a hunter gules on campo de sinople. According to semi-canonical sources, their motto is “First in Battle”.
It is an ancient and honorable noble house, with rich lands and a strong fortress.

His ancestral Valyrian steel sword is called Heart Poison.


HBO Season 6

Jo, Ramon Llull

A co-production of Television of Catalonia, Som Batabat and Xarxa Audiovisual Local, with the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia, in 2016

“Jo, Ramon Llull” is a “docufiction” that combines the exciting life of Ramon Llull – with a “TV movie” treatment – and the medieval world that he had to live – with a documentary treatment-.

Jordi Bosch plays an elderly Llull, who reviews his life between Christians and Muslims to prove to the Pope his reasons.
At the same time, the journalist Toni Tortajada takes us through the real scenarios of Llull’s time and interviews the main experts in what is considered the first universal Catalan and father of Catalan literature.

In this way we get to know the life and thought of Llull and also discover the medieval Mediterranean where he lived.


The Egyptian television series Caesar, from 2016, became one of the most popular series in the Arab world. AlNaharDrama

The Legend of the Blue Sea

The Legend of the Blue Sea is a popular South Korean television series, SBS.
The castle was presented as a hotel, where some characters from the series lived

The Child King

Announcement of the Israeli satellite TV operator, YES

I DON'T SEE IT!Announcement Smart Fortwo 2014 Visionaries

In 2014 Mercedes Benz introduced the Smart Fortwo. In this video, different characters are presented, in different eras, who did not believe in the innovations and opportunities that were presented throughout history. Most of the scenes were shot in the Castle of Santa Florentina


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