* From 1 to 29 people (OPEN TO THE REST OF THE PUBLIC): you choose the regular visit time that you want and buy the tickets online to make sure that everyone will be able to access.
This tour remains open to the public until its capacity is completed, and it will be with an audio guide or guided tour (see ORDINARY TOURS).

* From 1 to 29 people (CLOSED TO THE REST OF THE PUBLIC): it has a one-time cost of € 300, with audio guide, or € 350, if it is guided, with a private tour, at any time during the week and holidays, and on Saturday the hours of 12h and 13h are excluded.

In addition to being able to enjoy our beautiful spaces in a private and restricted way, the taking of cava or wine is included for free, if there are between 1 and 15 people, at the end of the visit in our winery.

If there are more than 15 people, we suggest, as many groups do, adding € 1.50 more to include the tasting of a glass of wine at the end of the visit at the Castell.

* If there are 30 people or more, the shift is already closed and the price per person will be € 10 (audio-guided, one hour long) or € 12 (guided, lasting about an hour and a half in Catalan and Spanish), and the price of the glass of wine will be € 1.

For more information, please contact


It is recommended to always arrive five minutes in advance, since the entrance door opens only at the hours at the point of the schedule of each visit, and closes after brief minutes of courtesy, remaining closed until the next shift.
If you arrive late, we give you the option to enter later shifts or write to visit’ to arrange a new schedule.

We recommend buying tickets in advance, online, through this website.

The enclosure is private and free access or walks are not allowed outside, nor can it be accessed by car or parked on the entrance ramp.



Pets of a quiet nature are allowed in.

Baby strollers can be useful in the outdoor visitable part, but it is advisable to carry a backpack through the interior of the Castle, as we recommend leaving the stroller on the ground floor.

For people with reduced mobility, we recommend our virtual visit, where you can observe that there is only one section of stone stairs from our Arms Courtyard to the main floor, which is the one you visit.
We do not have wheelchair accessibility, but they have visited and enjoyed the beauty of the Castle from the Arms Courtyard, with an audio guide and a book with photos and history.

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