Canet de Mar





anet de mar is a city located near the Maresme coast in the province of Barcelona (Spain). It is located in 43 kilometers from Barcelona between Arenys de Mar and Sant Pol de Mar.

History of Canet de Mar dates back to the XI century – at the time it was just a small village called Valle de Canet and Romagera. The name of the city comes from latin “canna” – cane, because the were a lot of cane on the Maresme coast.

After the XI century, Canet de Mar was considered to be the cultural, artistic and social center of the area. Modernism left its mark on the city thanks to Louis Domenek i Montaner (1850-1923), who built a famous Roura house, Domènech i Montaner house, Ateneu de Canet library and realized the project of the Castle. Besides, there are buildings dated the 19th century, modern buildings, buildings in Indian and colonial style in the city.

During the last few years, the population of Canet de Mar has increased significantly due to the expansion of construction companies, which function far beyond borders of Barcelona. In approximately 10 years the population has doubled and reached 14,123 residents in 2015. Tourism is the prevailing business in the city, since the city is located on the coast. The agriculture sector and textile industry plays an important role as well.