El Castell opens its doors for visits all year round…

… but there are different formats, and this is one of them:

A feast for the senses, sharing unique moments.

The vision enhanced by the impressive architecture and sensitivity of Lluís Domènech i Montaner, during the visit to the different spaces… is followed by the toast between wine and palate, a moment in which smell and taste dance in a special tandem, and become twinned… while the notes and lyrics of our musical duo (with their own songs in pop ballad style) caress our ears and touch our heart and soul…


The visit to the Castell will usually be in Catalan, except in the case of someone who does not understand it at all, which will be in Spanish.

The frequency of this format may change, and that is why we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to be notified, or consulting our RRSS.


For more information and registration, please contact DO VINS DE LA TERRA: